Kevin Keegan OBE learned about leadership from the best and put it to good use. He captained and managed England, and led Newcastle United from Division 2 to finish second in one of the most competitive seasons the Premier League has ever seen. As a player he won three First Division titles, the UEFA Cup twice, the FA Cup, the European Cup and the Bundesliga, and was twice named European Footballer of the Year.

Now a BigChange ambassador, Kevin shares his experiences with the company’s team and customers, inspiring them to become better leaders and deliver world-class performances.

Episode 1 - How do you become a great leader?
Episode 1 - How do you become a great leader?
Episode 2 - What should leaders focus on most?
Episode 3 - How do you build trust with a team?
Episode 4 - How do you turn around a losing team?
Episode 5 - When do you buy talent and when do you develop it?
Episode 6 - Should you tolerate a disruptive genius?
Episode 7 - How do you deal with pressure?
Episode 8 - How do you step up to compete at the top level?
Episode 9 - What is the secret of world class performance