Sometimes, in the service and transport sectors, your best customers can be your toughest critics. They are your super users, testing your technology to its limits. They have thousands of ideas for improvements, and little patience for development cycles.

How do you make sure these super users feel valued, and harness their enthusiasm for your service? I think I have the answer.

I have just created a new club for these elite customers. It’s a forum where they can meet and discuss ideas with fellow like-minded business owners. I have called it the BigChange Entrepreneurs’ Club.

The club will meet once a month but members will only attend once a quarter. No one likes meeting fatigue! At these roundtables, we will discuss business challenges and swap tips. The idea is to both share BigChange’s journey with our most valued clients and to help them reach their business goals. Win win!

At each session, a business coach – our BigChange Entrepreneurs Chair – will host the proceedings and ensure that everyone gets the most out of the day. We want business owners to feel free to talk about barriers to growth, and really challenge each other. We will ensure that all attendees hail from different industries so there will be no risk of running into a competitor.

I’ve been inspired by the American entrepreneur clubs, which offer a ready-made business network. Those groups will charge you £4,000 a pop for the privilege while ours is free.

I have big plans for my monthly event. I want to bring in speakers and mentors and coaches to help attendees learn new skills and broaden their horizons. To start with, we will have about 100 members in the club. I hope it will grow in size and scope over time.

Of course, BigChange will ultimately benefit from the creation of this club. Members will become evangelists for the company, spreading the word about us to their networks. And as they become more successful, we will grow with them. This is the ethos behind BigChange: the more we help you, the more you help us. It’s a virtuous circle.

If you wish to join the BigChange Entrepreneurs Club please email [email protected]