BigChange, the mobile workforce technology company, today announced that it intends to adopt a four-day working week across its business by the end of 2021.

BigChange – which has its headquarters in Leeds and employs 125 people in the UK and France – plans to make greater use of automation and machine learning technologies so that all of its employees can move to a 32 hour working week.

The company plans to identify the best way to introduce a four-day working week over the next 18 months, with a view to moving to this new way of working during 2021. It will establish a taskforce with representatives from across the business to lead this activity and has committed to retraining people for new roles should automation replace their work entirely.

Martin Port, founder and managing director of BigChange, comments:

Machine learning and automation are the future of BigChange. Our technology is being used by customers to automate many tasks undertaken in organisations employing mobile workers, and there is a fantastic opportunity with tools such as A.I. to enhance productivity, job satisfaction and quality of life for our people.”

“We want to give people at BigChange the tools and the opportunity to do their jobs in four days, not five. They will make the same money as they would if they were working a full week, but they’ll also have more time for relaxing and spending time with their families.”

BigChange provides a pioneering mobile workforce management system called JobWatch that is used by over 1,000 organisations globally. JobWatch combines CRM, smart job scheduling, vehicle tracking and a series of mobile applications to eliminate paper record keeping, automate manual processes and facilitate collaboration on the go between companies. BigChange works primarily with organisations in the construction, facilities management, field service, transport, logistics and waste management industries.