North Yorkshire Lorry

Leeds, UK, 10 April 2014 – North Yorkshire Timber is one of the largest independent timber importers and merchants in the North East. Their dynamic business offers products for everyone, from large construction companies down to the general public.

A Big Change for a Big Business

To support their constantly growing customer base, the company’s senior management were keen to modernise their logistic systems. They needed a system that could match the scale of their operation and leave room for continuous growth.

“We spent months researching the market for a suitable solution but most systems seemed to lack one thing or another. We needed more from the software than just a dot on a map”

explained Gordon Bache, the distribution and warehouse manager at North Yorkshire Timber.

“After a while, we came across BigChange and were blown away by what their JobWatch system could do”

he said.

Much more than a dot on a map

North Yorkshire Timber served as a pioneer – they were one of the first few companies to try out the newly developed JobWatch system. They initially ran a trial with only 2 vehicles. Almost overnight, the firm began to realise significant improvements in their operations.

“Only two months into installing the system, our efficiency was on the rise! We were able to monitor the drivers and optimise the use of their working hours. We saw that the system would rapidly improve our service quality and customer service”

explained Bache. The tangible benefits were clear and they decided to roll out the system to their entire fleet.

The Benefits Were Clear

“JobWatch seamlessly integrates with our back office software at no extra cost”

highlighted Mr Bache. He also mentioned the following benefits:

• Reduction in fuel bills

• Reduction in driving hours

• Improved planning, enabling more products to be delivered

• Improved driver attitude

• Reduction in customer calls as the teams previously spent up to half the day answering calls to track the progress of orders. Now, each of the depots has access to the JobWatch system and can see the progress of a delivery for themselves.

• Customers also receive an automatic text updating them on the ETA of their delivery.

• The Company has become more proactively green

• JobWatch helped identify the savings they were making and enabled them to purchase another truck.

Gordon Bache finally remarked,

“The RoadCrew customer service team is excellent. During our adoption stages, they put in an unprecedented amount of effort into modifying the system to meet all our requirements.”