BigChange provides a helping hand
8th June 2020 – In late February the River Aire over-topped and caused devastating flooding in the Yorkshire town of Snaith and some surrounding villages.

The emergency service response was rapid and in addition a large number of local volunteers stepped forward to offer their help. Stuart Smith, an experienced flood crisis volunteer coordinator, already working in Doncaster dealing with the flooding emergency there of November 2019, was quickly on hand offering to manage the local volunteer response.

The Snaith, Cowick and Rawcliffe Volunteer Support Group was born (SCRVSG) but little did they know that they would be called on to help the beleaguered community further during a national emergency. Midway through March the Town and village councils had the foresight to realise that people in their area would need help during the Covid19 Pandemic and looming lockdown restrictions. Led by Stuart Smith the call went out for more volunteers and a wide leaflet drop went out to local residents informing them of how they could contact SCRVSG if they needed help with shopping and medication deliveries. The group was also able to deliver emergency food parcels to those most in need.

Lockdown arrived on 23rd March and within a matter of days over 80 volunteers had come forward and over 200 households had registered as being in self-isolation and in need of help. Coordinating volunteers to deliver the required help was becoming a logistical nightmare. Fortunately BigChange heard about the group’s plight and quickly stepped in offering the use of their all-in-one mobile workforce management app called BigChange JobWatch.

This mobile app allows a central coordinator to plan, manage, schedule and track the work that the volunteers are doing. Its use has been a huge boon to the group and has brought about very high levels of efficiency that has been highly praised by the local residents who have been receiving help. It means the volunteers can be scheduled for deliveries quickly and without the need for direct office contact. BigChange JobWatch technology has proved absolutely perfect for the situation created by the Covid19 pandemic. To date the group has made over 800 deliveries to individual households since the lockdown started.

It is expected that the essential work of the group will last for many more months to come. A massive, massive thank you from Snaith, Cowick and Rawcliffe Volunteer Support Group and all our residents to BigChange for helping making our work possible and the experience of the residents less painful. A superb example of a business and volunteer organisation partnership that is making a huge difference to local people at a time of need.