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Port’s Thoughts

Martin Port writes a weekly blog, giving his thoughts on everything from entrepreneurial success to the secret to keeping customers happy.


Read his latest blogs below. You can also read a compilation of his blogs in PDF form here.




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Leaders, it’s time to get back into start-up mode

The coming recession is likely to be deeper and more severe than we originally thought.

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Rewarding our exceptional team

Human beings are social creatures. We need to spend time with one another to feel, well – human

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Deaf and proud

 I have lived with acute hearing loss for most of my life. Over the past year, my hearing has deteriorated – I am now profoundly deaf to high frequency sounds.

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The past is a distraction: focus on the future

Elon Musk’s attitude to innovation is brilliantly controversial. Anything he’s already invented; he sees as ancient history

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Supercharging sales for bigchange customers

BigChange was created with a single vision: to help our customers grow and become more successful than they could on their own.

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No more empty desks

Nothing beats the buzz of a lively office. The chatter of colleagues. The dynamic presentations in meeting rooms.

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In search of innovation

As an entrepreneur and investor, I’m always keen to find out about new technologies, new inventions that will shape the industries of the future.

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Chairman’s spotlight on… Michael Taylor, founder and CEO of Contego

Sometimes, I think the character trait that has helped me most in my life is my single mindedness. I refuse to give up, even when times are tough.

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New business wins up 40% in 2022

It’s not all doom and gloom. Business confidence is on the up, and here at BigChange we are celebrating new business wins.

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Get out there and see for yourself

People can do their jobs from home, but it’s good for individuals and organisations for colleagues to meet and share ideas.

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The coming of the Jewish New Year is a time for reflection

I am worried there is an increase in Holocaust denial and in antisemitism across Europe.

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Can your business handle whatever life throws at it?

Business continuity is essential for your business come through disruption and economic strife. Here are my six secrets of business continuity.