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Port’s Thoughts

Martin Port writes a weekly blog, giving his thoughts on everything from entrepreneurial success to the secret to keeping customers happy.


Read his latest blogs below. You can also read a compilation of his blogs in PDF form here.




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New business wins up 40% in 2022

Take a break from the Tory party tax tussles and let me tell you what’s really happening out there in the economy.

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Get out there and see for yourself

People can do their jobs from home, but it’s good for individuals and organisations for colleagues to meet and share ideas.

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The coming of the Jewish New Year is a time for reflection

I am worried there is an increase in Holocaust denial and in antisemitism across Europe.

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Can your business handle whatever life throws at it?

Business continuity is essential for your business come through disruption and economic strife. Here are my six secrets of business continuity.

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King Charles: the new monarch and entrepreneurship

King Charles III not only shares his mother’s desire to support the doers of this nation, he has a passion for entrepreneurs that even surpasses hers.

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Let’s be optimistic about our new “pro business” Prime Minister

Liz Truss seems to have a pro-business stance, and is taking decisive action, which is what this country needs

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Running a business that’s growing 75% a year is like trying to hold onto a kite on a windy day

I’m always impressed by how effectively entrepreneurs to problems and challenges.

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We are living in a leadership vacuum

It’s time for the ruling elite to show us they can use the power they wield for good.

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You can’t run a successful company without this

Communication is vital, but meetings aren’t. Instead, I prefer something called a ‘huddle’ – weekly team meetings that involve the whole company.

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Martin Port completes six-figure investment into data analytics solution Panintelligence

Martin Port has completed a six-figure investment into analytics solution Panintelligence, which helps companies capture and analyse data in real-time.

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Here’s why you need a Chief Customer Officer

A chief customer officer is responsible for managing a company’s relationship with all its clients, working out what’s going well and what’s not working.

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Chairman’s spotlight on… Luke Taylor, founder of Cloud Plumbing & Heating

I often talk about how technology can help supercharge growth for businesses of all sizes. Once you find the right software or platform for you, the results can be dramatic.