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Port’s Thoughts

Martin Port writes a weekly blog, giving his thoughts on everything from entrepreneurial success to the secret to keeping customers happy.


Read his latest blogs below. You can also read a compilation of his blogs in PDF form here.




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Why kindness is an entrepreneur’s greatest asset

I’ve been in business for a long time. Long enough to remember the bad old days.

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Your company is a Premier League side

I like to think of BigChange as a football team. We are top of the league, bringing new talent to the pitch, delighting the fans, and scoring more goals than any other side.

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Attention! Je viens à Paris

My ambitions for BigChange have always been global, and 2019 was the year that we began expanding across France, Greece and Cyprus.

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Be passionate. Be honest. But don’t be a bully

Bullying. It’s a word that’s rarely out of the headlines these days.

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Are you trying to destroy your business?

Sometimes, I speak to founders and leaders about their businesses, and I’m left wondering: do you really want to succeed?

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Strong start to 2023 for BigChange

It’s a tough trading environment out there for many business leaders. The UK has successfully dodged recession.

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The rise of the machines does not mean the downfall of man

As an entrepreneur, I firmly believe that the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an asset to the UK workforce.

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It takes 10 years to build an overnight success

This quote has been attributed to many people over the years, from the novelist Tom Clancy to Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos. Whoever said it first, it remains an undeniable truth.

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Our future is net zero

When I think about my long-term goals for BigChange, sustainability plays a big part. I want us to be as green as we can be, helping customers around the world to meet their carbon goals too. That’s the big vision. 

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Chairman’s spotlight on… Paul Clark, Founder & MD of Paul Clark Services

What does it take to build a successful business? It takes ambition, the ability to spot an opportunity, and the presence of mind to keep investing back into your people, product, and customer success.

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